Representative Projects

Management Advisory Services

  • Developed and help implement a strategic plan for a company considering a vertical integration manufacturing facility. Recommended a different strategy and helped the client implement, recruit staff, train, develop pricing and successfully transition from the existing business model.
  • Performed an operations review for a 25 location, national distributor supplying the OEM market. Recommended a number of product line, organization, and technology changes.
  • Developed a business strategy for an 8,800 acre land tract with 450 leases surrounding three impounded lakes. Help develop three buyers groups, worked with utility owning the flowage rights to change 80 year old agreement, and eventually sold the property to the three purchasing groups creating significant value for two legacy ownership groups.
  • Negotiated an initial labor contract for a newly organized client company. The negotiations resulted in an open shop contract and the bargaining unit was eventually decertified.

Merger and Acquisition Services

  • Conducted Marketing Due Diligence as part of a larger due diligence team evaluating a $1 Billion potential offshore acquisition. Final recommendation was not to proceed at the indicated price.
  • Conducted two rounds of on-site due diligence for a private equity company which eventually purchased an offshore company. Recommended a number of marketing and manufacturing improvements that could be made, most of which were implemented. Help interview and select a CEO for the company who stayed with the acquired company for 5 years and successfully led it transformation.
  • Helped a client refinance a $90 Million tax exempt bond private placement. Extensive work with investment bankers, various independent engineers, and with the eventual bond purchaser to create the Offering Memorandum and structure the refinancing transaction.
  • Negotiated the sale of a client company to an offshore buyer. Negotiated transaction included a substantial "earn out" upside for the sellers.